Hugo Florido, Esq.

Managing Partner

Hugo Florido, Esq. is the founder partner, and lead counsel of Florido & Associates. Hugo made the ambitious decision to open Florido & Associates, PA in 1994, after just a couple of years removed from graduating law school. He was notably involved in serving as lead counsel for a venezuelan airline, VIASA, against The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organization, the largest federation union in the United States. Hugo received his Marketing degree from Florida International University in 1988 and a JD degree from St. Thomas University School of Law in 1992. He is a member of the Florida State Bar Association as well as the Federal Bar. Hugo has been practicing law for nearly 30 years.

Brian de la Nuez, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Brian de la Nuez, Esq. is an associate attorney at Florido & Associates., a personal injury law firm, founded with the goal of maximizing results for our clients. Brian graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, and earned a Juris Doctorate degree from St. Thomas University School of Law, followed by Florida Bar certification.

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